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Doug Lord


Hard-working and conscientious individual. Able to look at all facets of a project with an eye for detail. Can solve highly complex problems with ingenuity, dispatch and plain common sense.

Demonstrated ability in electro-mechanical and aero-hydrodynamic design and development from conceptualization through hands-on hardware and tooling construction.

Excellent management and people skills allow me to work as part of a team in pursuit of excellence.


Organizing team effort to create new products.

Resolution of critical, unexpected problems on new developments.

Experienced in training and in understanding of prototype development and manufacturing integration. Experienced in research and development of new product concepts.

Leadership in achieving goals in multiple business environments.

Experienced in working with a Patent attorney in developing accurate text for a patent application.

Experienced in designing test procedures in multiple disciplines.

Experienced in writing test reports based on ISO, ANSI, USCG. ABYC and other Standards.


Oct. 2006-Nov. 2018

Employed at IMANNA Laboratory as a test engineer, report writer and researcher. Extensive recent work with meeting the requirements of 17025-2005 and 17025-2017.

Experienced in LED and incandescent light testing using goniometer,

photometer and Snapmaster software.

Experienced in lithium battery testing to TSO-C142a and RTCA DO-227. including test set up and management of testing.

Experienced in data cable testing to NMEA and OVDA requirements. Limited EMC testing experience.

Extensive experience in writing test reports for Ignition Protection testing, Flare

testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing, cable testing, lithium battery testing and testing of many different marine and non-marine items.


EMPLOYMENT continued:

Mar. 2006- Aug. 2006     Employed as Manager of character head (Disney) division at Matrix   Composities,   Rockledge, FL.


Jan.1992-      Designed and built 16 foot all carbon monohull hydrofoil. (Continued R& D    Jan. 2006       project to this day.)

microSAIL! –Developed a line of radio-controlled miniature sailboats. Built and tested several dozen prototypes and developed a number of patentable systems. Pioneered development of canting keels and working spinnakers on RC production sailboats.

Designed and built world’s first production RC sailing hydrofoil,the F3.


Sept. 1984- Founder / Vice President

Jan. 1992       ROTRON, INC., Orlando, FL

Conceptualized, designed, and developed several working prototypes and pre – production prototypes of Video Piloted Helicopters. Developed special mechanical camera isolation that allows zero vibration in video display. Invented and developed very effective and unique method of obtaining flight control information. Invented and developed HARVEST (Helicopter Aircraft Real Vision Educational System Technology), a training system for full size helicopter pilots that could be the most realistic and cost-effective helicopter pilot training system available in 1984.

Invented and developed Power Ballast System radio-controlled sailboats.


Sept. 1984- Prototype Development

Dec. 1985       Classic Era Watercraft, Forest City, FL.

Plug and prototype design and construction.

Mar. 1984-      Self-Employed

Nov. 1984         Designed and built small kayak called Seayak.

 Jan. 1983-         Ambulance and Bus Prototype Development

Mar. 1984          Wheeled Coach Industries, Orlando,FL

Layout and building of fiberglass and wood prototypes

Oct. 1981-         Founder and President

Jan. 1983         Kona Corporation, Oak Hill, FL

Formed corporation that manufactured 188 patented catamaran windsurfers of my own design.


Feb. 1973-      Chief Electrician

Oct. 1981        Thomson Industries, Titusville, FL

Designed and installed 12-volt electrical systems in 44-60’ commercial fishing boats. Met with customers customized electric systems to customers’ needs.

Assistant to Manager, Trawler Division- Designed superstructure for 60’ high speed

commercial fishing boat.

Manager of Thomson Sailcraft, a division of Thomson Industries. Designed, built plug and oversaw manufacture of  88 18’ swing keel daysailers of my own design,TS-18.

Jan.1971-        Manager of Marine Division

Jan.1973         Guilford Construction Company, Orlando,FL

Responsible for design and construction of a 60’ X 30’ power catamaran, hiring personnel, and purchasing.


1-Sailing system for a catamaran windsurfer- Patent # 4,437,424 issued March 20, 1984

2- Flying system for video piloted helicopter/Harvest training system for full size helicopter pilots – Patent # 5,015,187 issued March 14, 1991

3- Spinnaker system for RC and full-size boats – Patent # 5,555,836 issued Sept. 17, 1996

4- KFOIL™- Lateral resistance solution for canting keels and low aspect fixed keels – Patent # 6,886,481 issued January 2005



Special     30 years hands -on experience in prototype development

35 years self-study in aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, electro-mechanical design and sailboat design and construction

25 years self-study of the application of full lifting and foil assist hydrofoils to sailboats with early help/instruction from Dr. Sam Bradfield. Developed the first Radio Controlled production sailing hydrofoil, the F3, in 2000.

Enrolled thru Book V of Westlawn School of Yacht Design-early 70’s

College      University of Miami-1968. Business Administration- Tallahassee Junior College, 1969

High School       Graduated Pensacola Catholic High School, 1968



 –Designed and developed Fire Arrow Test Model which features a unique hydrofoil system never before used on a sailing hydrofoil. Published a design and development log on boatdesign.net from 2010-2018.

–The Fire Arrow Foil System has been incorporated into a new and unique 15’ sailing hydrofoil design(WOLF) for which a crowd funding project is being developed. The Fire Arrow Foil System was first tested successfully in July of 2014. In 2015,2017 and 2018 the system or remarkably similar versions of it were incorporated in 4 large trimarans-a 70 footer and three 100 footers.

–Secured major contracts with nationally known sailboat manufacturers and sailboat classes allowing Doug Lord/ microSAIL! to have the exclusive worldwide rights to build radio-controlled versions of their boats.

 –Competitive sailing of RC sailboats

–Won 26 trophies for sailboat races, half of which were First Place.

–Held Southeast District Championship in Windmill Class in 1965

–Won “Lake Toho Reach (22 miles) against major competition in the US One Class in 1983.

–One of the first persons in the US to video-pilot a custom miniature radio-controlled helicopter.(Rotron)

–Conceived of and sold 3D SAILING trademark to Bombardier. They subsequently let it expire and I sometimes use it to describe hydrofoil sailing.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton