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WOLF is a new type of small trimaran sailing foiler utilizing new technology never before used on this size boat. The technology is based on the Fire Arrow Foil System used successfully for the first time on a large Test Model on July 24th, 2014.

I’ve worked on this project since 2010 when I first conceived of the unique foil system.I was working for IMANNA Laboratory at the time at home because of some physical problems. In my spare time, I designed and built an exact scale model of a 19.5′ foiling trimaran using the Fire Arrow Foil System. It took four years to get the Test Model done and it was successfully tested in July 2014. See the (very long) thread detailing the project below. WOLF came about because I wanted to do a much smaller version of a foiling tri using the Foil System. It’s all detailed in the thread.

I believe in the WOLF Project and have decided to use the gofundme funding to be able to hire a company like Falcon LLC to build the prototype with me doing the foils myself. This project has tremendous potential to change small boat sailing dramatically by providing an easy to sail, easy to fly, extremely comfortable small foiling trimaran like nothing else on the market under 20′. This project has the potential to help grow sailing and allow the average person to enjoy the thrill of hydrofoil sailing on an extremely comfortable, easy to sail and very stable platform.

Since 2014 several versions of the Fire Arrow Foil System have been used on very large trimarans.

The Test Model and fullsize WOLF design, build and development thread:


Fire Arrow Test Model:

MPX_Fire Arrow-3D SAILING-7-24-14 009 (2)

MPX Fire Arrow-First Full Flying Foiling on video-7-24-14 032 - Copy.JPG

PLAN:  this website will be part of a multistage plan starting with Stage One which will encompass the building of a fullsize prototype and the extensive testing and development of that prototype. The Plan will use a crowd funding platform to help provide the capital required to complete Stage One. 

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Funding platform under development:


WOLF 14 concept-wolfman 9-1-18 013.JPG

“Wolfman” is a miniature mannequin whose height- at the same scale as the concept model- is 5’4″. The idea is to use him to give some idea of the size of the final boat.

WOLF 14 concept-w-wolfman 9-5-18 007.JPG

Mainfoil is designed to retract flush with bottom to facilitate beaching and trailering with no foil damage. Ama foils retract clear of beach when sitting level. Rudder foil retracts above the bottom of the boat for beaching and trailering:

WOLF 14  retracted foils  8-13-18 011.JPG

WOLF specs :
LOA 15′ 8″
Max Beam 16′
CL ama hull to CL ama hull-14′
Target weight 175-190lb
SA-(mast length 24′ all carbon wing mast) 

–upwind: 167 sq.ft 
–downwind: 267 sq.ft
–max pressure before depowering/reefing: 1.79lb/sq.ft
* NOTE-see post 2763*- for max pressure comparison with an F18.
RM-max righting moment=4460ft.lb.. 

*see link above


1-Singlehander-  Excellent upwind and downwind performance with up to a 220lb crew.
2- Will foil in 5 knots of wind with up to a 220lb crew .Minimum crew weight 120lb.
3-Carbon rotating wing mast, carbon cross arms and carbon foils.
4-Retractable foils(from cockpit). Mainfoil retracts flush with bottom and tips are designed to not dig into sand. Rudder foil retracts above bottom. Ama foils retract above waterline when boat is level.
5-Extremely comfortable sliding seat on each side. Allows crew to move 1.75′ outboard very quickly.
6-Uses the Fire Arrow Foil System(like Fire Arrow, Gitana 17*, Banque Pop*, Macif* and Maserati*)– the same as the original system first used on the Test Model- except the larger boats use two rudder t-foils on each tack. WOLF has two UptiP ama foils-one used at a time-and one wand controlled mainfoil for very early takeoff and capable of substantial downforce- all working with a single rudder T-foil. The wand controlled mainfoil can automatically increase righting moment with lighter crew by developing downforce. Downforce can be virtually instantaneous adding RM in response to gusts.

*similar to the basic Fire Arrow Foil System
7-Foiling throughout the wind range -including very light air-the essence of 3D SAILING!
8- Assy Spin/Screecher retracted under the front deck.
9- Boat folds from max beam to trailerable width in about 4 minutes. No waterstays.
10-Mid (wish)boom mainsheet so sheet is always in forward hand and extention tiller always in aft hand.
11-Quickly self-draining cockpit-large scuppers with backflow flap. 

12- Planing ama hulls designed for incidental contact with water at speed and for inadvertent contact at slow speed. 
Adjustable angle of incidence of planing surface of each ama simultaneously. Angle of incidence of ama foil has to be changed when this is done. Planing surface starts at +4 degrees. 
Uses Two-Stage Amas-see pictures below. They consist of a planing ama hull(Stage One) coupled to a “curved piece”(Stage Two) that provides extra buoyancy in the event of a knockdown. Curved piece facilitates high dihedral crossarms which keep the crossarms clear of the water. 
13-Planing main hull.
14- Aerodynamic surfaces added to forward and aft crossarms. Adjustable flaps added on rear cross each side. Jib foot and forward part of main foot to be sealed to deck.

Memorable quote from JG Baker, Designer and Builder of the Monitor foiler in the 1950’s:
” The main need is to lower the wind velocities required for flying in order to increase the opportunities for high speed travel”

— Fire Arrow Foil System-first of its kind on any trimaran. Elements developed first by Fire Arrow include:
1) the first trimaran in history to use uptip ama foils,
2) the first trimaran in history to use a single wand controlled main foil capable of downforce,
3) the first trimaran in history to use Two Stage Amas.(see below for Two-Stage Ama pictures)

MPX-Two Stage Ama.JPG

MPX-two stage ama 2.JPG